Area Rug Cleaning Explained

Commonly asked questions about Area Rug Carpet Cleaning:

Where can I drop off my area rugs to be cleaned?

The easiest answer is that you don't need to leave home - just call us! We'll clean your area rugs on site, with quick and easy instructions for care and drying.

Can someone pick up my area rugs to be cleaned?

This has been a practice of carpet cleaners and rug cleaners for some time, however it's no longer necessary. Just call and schedule a time, your area rugs can be cleaned at home or in your office.

How does area rug cleaning pricing work?

The quick answer is that for the minimum of $149, 400 square feet of area rugs can be cleaned. This is the same as four 10x10' areas.

What if my area rug is not that large?

That's fine, include several area rugs to be cleaned, adding up to that amount.

Can spills and stains be removed from area rugs?

Yes. Just like your regular carpeting, we have treatments and strategies for removing stains, spots and odors from your area rugs.

What areas do you serve?

Area rugs can be cleaned on site anywhere in the Minneapolis - St. Paul (Twin Cities) metro area, and some areas in Western Wisconsin. Just call!

More questions about area rug cleaning?

Just call! Happy to answer your questions and schedule a rug cleaning at your convenience!


Call Keith at 763-957-9990 with any Area Rug Cleaning questions!

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