Call when you need us! We work at your convenience, calls answered daily until 10pm. Call 10,000 Lakes 763-957-9990 with questions, emergency needs or to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment. Please review the questions below. If you still have a question, please contact us.

What are your hours?


*We Work at Your Convenience! Calls answered until 10pm daily.

What about pet odors?

Even if you don’t smell anything in your home it doesn’t mean your house doesn’t smell of dog odor or cat pee. When you get used to the smell in your home, your guests still smell the odors. Which is exactly why we offer pet odor removal services.

How about furniture?

Of course! We offer full restoration of your upholstery, carpets and furniture with our cleaning services. Contact 10,000 Lakes Carpet and Upholstery in Minneapolis, MN today!

What precautions are taken for COVID-19?

Face coverings and shoe covers are worn for home and business cleaning, and equipment is sanitized between each job which prevents cross contamination between homes. A sanitizer disinfectant is added to my carpet shampoo for additional protection.