Water Damage Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpet after a water damage.

If you have had any kind of water damage in your home, you may now have a big browned area in your carpeting or area rugs. Do not panic! This browning can be safely removed and your carpet can be cleaned and restored.

When carpet gets over-wet for a long period of time, it will have a tendency to "brown out" when it dries. Professional carpet cleaners can remove this effect with a few different products. Professionals will provide a good thorough cleaning, and then a topical treatment which helps to adjust the pH balance and remove the browning. Other products and techniques can be added if needed, such as individual spot treatment.

Allowing you to keep your carpet can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on potential replacement. Restoring your carpeting also keeps it useable and out of the landfill. However, if water damage occurs from a dirty water source such as a floor drain or a toilet overflowing, it is recommended you replace your carpet due to the risk of remaining potentially harmful bacteria.



There are three types of water damage: clear water, gray water, and black water.

Clear water damage is due to a pipe break of fresh clean potable water.

Gray water damage, includes leaks from a washing machine or a dishwasher, where water may contain detergents, but not harmful bacteria.

Black water damage refers to damage that involves sanitation lines or a lot of bacteria; this is the type that occurs when you have a toilet overflow or a sewer line that backs up.

Knowing the type of water damage that has occurred will help you and your carpet cleaning and restoration professional understand the best way to approach the issue, so you can get the best possible outcome, for your home, your budget and the environment.


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