Saving Your Carpeting

Regular carpet vacuuming and carpet cleaning are important ways that you can maintain your carpet and preserve your investment. Regular vacuuming, especially in heavy-traffic areas, can prevent matting and ensure a better result when your carpets are cleaned. Here are some examples, and ways you can keep your carpeting looking its best.

Vacuuming your carpeting

Vacuuming is a great way to help keep your carpeting looking its best, whether installed carpeting or carpet fibers in area rugs. When carpets get full of sand and grit the sand can cut the fibers causing them to appear dull and worn. When removing sand and grit from your carpets with your vacuum cleaner you should not set your vacuum cleaner too low. You should only set your vacuum to the level to where you feel the brush is starting to pull the vacuum forward. If you have your vacuum set too low it will pull fibers out of your carpet and you will be throwing your carpet in the trash little by little. It will also mat down your carpet and cause it to look worn. This is especially true in heavy traffic areas such as hallways and main walkways. Vacuuming frequently, especially after heavy traffic times such as holidays will maintain your carpeting and prolong its life.

Cleaning your carpeting

Having your carpets cleaned every 12 to 18 months or as needed depending on the usage is important. Pets and children can cause extra damage to your carpet, by tracking dirt or with spills. Spills should be cleaned immediately using a mild soapy solution or distilled vinegar mixed with water, depending on the spill and the fiber type. Store brand cleaners can cause spots to become stains if not used properly, so if you are intending to use a prepared store brand, read labels carefully and know whether the application is recommended before you buy or begin cleaning. Spots are just dirt on the surface and should be able to be cleaned easily with a mild detergent. Importantly, do not over-wet the carpet. Cleaning solution should be extracted with a spotting machine or a wet-dry vacuum with the filter removed. Ensure a thorough rinse because soap or solution residue can attract dirt particles in the future. Water is the most important part of most carpet cleaning equations. If the spots are stubborn and do not want to come out, call a professional before the spot sets and becomes a stain. Professionals will have the right products, expertise and equipment to remove the spots before they become permanent stains.

Preventing matting

This carpet has a heavy traffic pattern in the hallway. Due to always walking back and forth in the same place, the carpet gets matted down and can take on a dull, gray appearance, especially on light colored carpe. The only way to prevent this from happening is with regular vacuuming and cleaning. Your carpet should be vacuumed regularly, once per week or more if needed, and cleaned every 12 to 18 months as recommended by the manufacturer or as household conditions require. It is recommended that you vacuum regularly and you should also turn your vacuum on and then set the vacuum level down until you just start to feel the brushes pulling the vacuum forward. Setting your vacuum too low does not allow you to get the sand and grit out of the carpet, and sand and grit will cut the carpet fibers and make it lay down and become dull. Setting your vacuum on too low of a setting will actually pull your carpet fibers out of the backing, causing your carpet to wear out even sooner.

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