Green Carpet Cleaning: Safe for Children and Pets

10,000 Lakes Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning respects the environment, and is safe for children and pets

Do you wonder whether you’re doing the right thing for the environment while you are requesting carpet cleaning services? That’s fabulous! We do to, and we answer that call with policies and techniques that preserve carpets and the environment. Here’s how:

Carpet Cleaning Safe for Children and Pets
All Our Carpet Cleaning Products are Safe for Children and Pets.
  • Product selection – we choose cleaning products and stain treatment solutions that are effective but safe and non-damaging to our environment, as well as best for your carpet
  • Product use – we use products that are needed, only as much and when they are needed, because often a technique can do as much or more for cleaning than just throwing product at a stain or soil; our training and expertise serve you and the environment
  • Technique – our carpet and upholstery cleaning experience is extensive, so we can clean efficiently with less time, less water and less product; certification and training, and many years’ experience benefits everyone
  • Water use – using less water on your project means that your carpets dry cleaner and faster, this is another area where technique and experience make a difference
  • Safety – safety is always a top priority, whether we’re talking about a stain product or your children or pets, the environment, or extending the life of your carpeting


Other thoughts: consider cleaning your carpet instead of replacing it and adding it to a landfill. Call us first, and we’ll be honest about whether its best to clean or replace, and what we can accomplish. We have many instances of requests to clean heavily soiled or stained carpeting where we’ve brought a second chance to a carpeting by getting the soil and stains removed to the satisfaction of the owner or renter! Just call!

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